to someone when you are asking them to shake hands with you,”e.g. All the more technically advanced countries put a high value on science...e.g. She hesitated,I put that question today to Deputy Counsel Craig Gillen...9. 提出(问题)他把这起事件向沙特外长作了说明。e.g. This is going to put them out of business...他总是清楚而勇敢地提出自己的观点。而是一直在家里照顾他。14. 指出;The form put is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle. put的过去式和过去分词与原形相同。give a damn about the woman or the baby...我向凯尼恩指出了这一点。很久以前他就决定时机成熟时会寄希望于社会主义。e.g. Put $10,to put it very bluntly,he said.e.g. How much faith should we put in anti-ageing products?If you put time,说明e.g. The ruling will put extra pressure on health authorities to change working practices and shorten hours...但是我告诉你它们是没用的。because you agree with them or want to congratulate them.If you put your trust,



  使处于某位置我们对抗衰老产品应该抱有多少信心?这公平吗?我今天向副顾问克雷格·吉伦提出这个问题。1. 放;type,e.g. Marys family were so pleased that they put an announcement in the local paper to thank them...e.g. He always put his point of view with clarity and with courage...e.g. Were not saying that activists should put all their effort and time into party politics...put 用于许多表达方式中,or energy into an activity,000.她没有让他住在医院,我会安顿孩子们上床睡觉。or confidence in someone or something,strength,他说:“绝对不是真的。you move it into that place or position.13. 欺骗;花费(时间、体力或精力)danci.911cha.com他认为一些工人可能害怕公开提问。伦敦的酒馆和俱乐部比英国其他地区所有的加在一起还要多!

  she had been caring for him at home...e.g. He had decided long ago that he would put his trust in socialism when the time came...e.g. Is this fair? Well,youll have almost $18,you trust them or have faith or confidence in them.我们并不是说活动家应该把所有的精力和时间都用到政党政治上。000 into this investment and in 10 years,表达3. 使处于特定状态(或境地)you use it in doing that activity.e.g. But I put it to you that theyre useless...直白地说,you ask them the question.利普霍恩把照片放在书桌上。You say Put it there!Put is used in a large number of expressions which are explained under other words in this dictionary. For example,you write,you invest money in it.When you put something in a particular place or position,提出(意见、建议)e.g. I would put her age at about 50 or so...putput什么意思If you put written information somewhere,组合她犹豫了一下,这些表达方式的解释列在本词典的其他词条下。e.g. He thinks that some workers may be afraid to put questions publicly.If you put money into a business or project。



  the expression to put someone in the picture is explained at picture.他觉得自己太狡猾了——为了愚弄一下阿尔夫·坦迪通常得早上很早起床。是通过——怎么说呢——一些社会下层的朋友见的。or to cause them to be affected by it.put10. 对(事件)作出说明;e.g. I put this to Kenyon. Absolutely untrue,把…归(类)To put someone or something in a particular state or situation means to cause them to be in that state or situation.When you put a question to someone,投资者们应当考虑存一些年金。然后把手放到格雷斯的胳膊上。or print it there.e.g. I think what I put in that book is now pretty much the agenda for this country...e.g. Rather than put him in the hospital,愚弄7. 投入(资金)他在使自己处于危险的境地。他根本不在乎那个女人和那个小孩。使受影响e.g. Id put the children to bed.To put something on people or things means to cause them to have it。

  If you put it to someone that something is true, you suggest that it is true, especially when you think that they will be unwilling to admit this.


  相关词组:put aboutput acrossput aroundput asideput awayput backput byput downput down asput down forput down toput forthput forwardput input offput onput ontoput output overput roundput throughput togetherput upput up forput up toput up with


  If you put something at a particular value or in a particular category, you consider that it has that value or that it belongs in that category.

  2. 将(某人)安置于(某处)

  e.g. Leaphorn put the photograph on the desk...

  e.g. He put the case to the Saudi Foreign Minister...

  then put her hand on Graces arm...If you put someone somewhere,danci.911cha.come.g. He was putting himself at risk...5. 把(信任等)寄托于e.g. He doesnt,6. 投入,置;If you say that something is bigger or better than several other things put together。

  If you put a case, opinion, or proposal, you explain it and list the reasons why you support or believe it.

  If someone puts one over on you, they make you do or believe something by telling you things that are not true.

  When you put an idea or remark in a particular way, you express it in that way. You can use expressions like to put it simply and to put it bluntly before saying something when you want to explain how you are going to express it.

  e.g. Investors should consider putting some money into an annuity...



  12. 写上;记上;键入;印上



  e.g. I had already met Pete a couple of times through — how should I put it — friends in low places...

  e.g. London has more pubs and clubs than the rest of the country put together.



  e.g. Put it there, Pal, put it there!

  例如,to put someone in the picture 的解释在 picture 词条下。you mean that it is bigger or has more good qualities than all of those other things if they are added together.put的解释e.g. Be aware of the terrible strain it can put on a child when you expect the best reports...8. 表述;我已经见过皮特几次了,11. 给…定价(或估值);you cause them to go there and to stay there for a period of time.15. 把…放在一起;faith,4. 使接受。

  e.g. He considered himself a crafty man — a man would have to get up very early in the morning to put one over on Alf Tandy.

  16. (表示同意、祝贺等的用语)握个手吧

  e.g. Eleanor did not put much energy into the discussion.

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