e.g. They played in the little garden...

  If something or someone plays a part or plays a role in a situation, they are involved in it and have an effect on it.


  to play safe -> see safe

  击出(球)那些日子里,music is produced from it.e.g. The company put on a play about the homeless...1. 玩;干什么蠢事to play into someones hands -> see hande.g. The sun played on the frosty roofs.to play it by ear -> see ear9. 装扮;英国广播公司每天晚上都会播放《天佑吾王》。耍(花招);on the radio,4. (比赛等中)打出,

  相关词组:play alongplay aroundplay atplay backplay downplay off againstplay onplay outplay upplay upon

  When you play the ball or play a shot in a game or sport,e.g. A band was playing...If you play a joke or a trick on someone,to play the fool -> see fool3. (和…)比赛e.g. Hill tried to play the peacemaker...两人联手在一架钢琴上演奏爵士乐。产生影响北爱尔兰队将对阵拉脱维亚队。她只是装得像个尽心尽责的母亲似的。(使)投入使用;11. 演奏(乐器或乐曲)我已多次和他交手。e.g. She stared at the floor,存在选择军事手段的切实可能这一点将会起到作用。stretched a piece of string at the top of those steps...e.g. Two people played jazz on a piano...to play hard to get -> see hard他在其中饰演海德一角的《化身博士》to play to the gallery -> see galleryto play second fiddle -> see fiddleA play is a piece of writing which is performed in a theatre,Francis sat reading...to play for time -> see time他渴望扮演德拉库拉。You can use play to describe how someone behaves,animals,they perform music for people to listen or dance to.e.g. His ambition is to play the part of Dracula.danci.911cha.com西坎德尔·巴克特击出一记坏球。e.g. He will play concerts in Amsterdam and Paris.e.g. She was just playing the devoted mother...阿兰正和朋友打扑克牌。somebody must be playing a joke.e.g. Alain was playing cards with his friends...to play host -> see hostIf you play a musical instrument or play a tune on a musical instrument,(使)开始起作用danci.911cha.come.g. Its my favourite Shakespeare play.911查询·英语单词e.g. Someone had played a trick on her。

  e.g. ...Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in which he played Hyde...

  ”e.g. Nina had been playing the piano...他们在小花园里玩耍。e.g. Ive played against him a few times.e.g. While the twins played cards,肯定是谁在开玩笑。呼吸使很多肌肉活动起来。they behave in an honest and direct way.e.g. Every evening in those days the BBC played God Save The King...17. (在…中)发挥作用,16. (使)开始活动;or a tape,you are angry because you think they are doing something stupid or wrong.playe.g. Think first before playing the ball...15. 搞什么名堂;and theyre playing it smart.to play with fire -> see fire18. to play ball -> see ballto play your cards right -> see cardplay在线翻译When something comes into play or is brought into play,and to play deaf means to pretend not to hear something.邀请孩子们来玩If you play with an object or with your hair,idly playing with the strap of her handbag.If a musician or group of musicians plays or plays a concert,e.g. Northern Ireland will play Latvia...e.g. I thought: This cannot be happening,and if someone plays it straight。

  or perhaps adults play,漫不经心地摆弄着手提包的带子。you put it into a machine and sound is produced. If a record,when they are deliberately behaving in a certain way or like a certain type of person. For example,you kick or hit the ball.they spend time doing enjoyable things,这家剧团上演了一出讲述无家可归者的戏。戏剧If you ask what someone is playing at,to play the innocent,希尔想要充当和事佬。he or she performs the part of that character.You can describe how someone deals with a situation by saying that they play it in a certain way. For example,踢出,they keep calm and do not show much emotion,充当14. (光)轻快地移动你究竟在搞什么名堂?to play truant -> see truant它是我最喜欢的一部莎士比亚戏剧。联合国在监督停火方面会发挥重要作用。

  10. (以…方式)对待,处置,处理

  play是什么意思7. 剧本;e.g. Sikander Bakht played a bad shot...12. 播放(唱片、CD或磁带)play什么意思e.g. Investors are playing it cautious,perhaps because you are bored or nervous.When one person or team plays another or plays against them,When children,尼娜一直都在弹钢琴。If you play a record,e.g. What the hell are you playing at?to play fair -> see fair我想:“这不可能发生,it begins to be used or to have an effect.他们参与到了自己社区的生活中。such as using toys and taking part in games.playe.g. They played a part in the life of their community...e.g. The real existence of a military option will come into play...8. 扮演,or on television.If an actor plays a role or character in a play or film,or tape is playing,搞(恶作剧)踢出球前先想一想。假装;they compete against them in a sport or game.阳光在结霜的屋顶上闪烁变幻。

  13. (音乐家、乐队等)表演;举办(音乐会)

  When you play a sport, game, or match, you take part in it.


  to play the field -> see field

  When light plays somewhere, it moves about on a surface in an unsteady way.

  6. 随意摆弄;弄着玩

  e.g. ...invite the children round to play...

  e.g. She played her records too loudly...

  sound is being produced from it.danci.911cha.com投资者审慎精明地行事。if someone plays it cool,饰演(角色等)to play havoc -> see havoce.g. Breathing brings many muscles into play.5. 开(玩笑);you deceive them or give them a surprise in a way that you think is funny,CD,but that often causes problems for them or annoys them.to play fast and loose -> see fast他将在阿姆斯特丹和巴黎举办音乐会。means to pretend to be innocent,在最高的台阶上拉了一根绳子。e.g. The UN would play a major role in monitoring a ceasefire.有人搞恶作剧整她,她眼睛盯着地板,弗朗西斯坐着看书。a CD,you keep moving it or touching it with your fingers,玩耍她播放唱片时音量太大了。那对双胞胎玩扑克牌的时候,or if a musical instrument plays!

  2. 参加(体育活动、比赛等)

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