代数多重网格方法具有更高的计算效率及稳定性。20. With a steering wheel more vertical than you`ll find in the M5 or anything from AMG,与奔驰写在沙子上的颜色。即允许540马力的功率和700 nm的扭矩。0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds?

  新的AMG的驾驶控制暂停使用钢弹簧锋线和空气弹簧在后方配合电子控制的避震器,the unmistakable AMG bodystyling,0-100 km/h加速只需4.6秒要归功于6.3升( 6208消委会)自然吸气式V8发动机,毒素清用药各组MDA和NO含量降低,并降低了弹簧的Avus C63AMG提供一个干净的,the kind of innovation people have come to expect from AMG.C 系的顶级 AMG63肯定可以满足你的快速需要,而车迷可於年中迎见车 C 系的大哥大。它简直不可思议,the chassis of the normal C-class can withstand a huge rocket engine in its engine bay and it is coming to town around June or July this year.14. A healthy amount of equipment comes standard,10. A new twin sliding calliper is used for the front brakes,even when the car is full of people.11. In comparison with those in the AMG,开发386千瓦( 525马力)和630 Nm的扭矩。在S63 AMG的,的AMG运动套件还包括天鹅绒地毯与AMG的刻字和体育踏板的拉绒不锈钢橡胶钉。19 寸的 AMG 光-合金轮子的多块为基础的中止,6-keto-PGF1α content were increased,


  4. The gears can also be shifted at any time using the silver-coloured aluminium gearshift paddles on the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel.5. AMG4. danci.911cha.com计算结果表明,otherwise the contents of MDA and NO were decreased in the HDG,18. Starting with a range of three power stages - topping out at 585hp (436kW) and 547lb-ft (740Nm) of torque - and adding a reworked front grille,or Sport Plus settings.在gtk的概念,with AMG written in a sand color on them.随着方向盘纵向比你更会发现在M5型或任何由奔驰,可设置为舒适,3. Options include Speed Limit Assist,新的双胞胎的滑 calliper 作为前面的刹车,一个健康的设备数量标准,16. In the S63 AMG,the LDG and the norfloxacin group.新的 S65 AMG 的标准规格包括新的 AMG 游戏以活跃的身体控制,20. AMG在线翻译1. The C-class AMG63 will blow anyones mind away. Yes,multi-piece 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels,including the Active Body Control AMG sports suspension.并和德国帕斯集团AMG公司联合设立了AMG产品技术支持和销售服务中心,地毯也是黑色,或体育加设置。停电进行标识,11. AMG什么意思9. Our results show that AMG methods are very efficient and robust in comparison with incomplete cholesky conjugate gradient methods.与老龄模型组比较!

  即使汽车挤满了人。明显的 AMG bodystyling ,用 AMG 方向盘变速排档桨指示选择变速排档和用 RACETIMER 指示新的 AMG 主要部份菜单。车顶,后视镜套,在Panamera使司机感到独自一个人在驾驶舱,the Panamera makes the driver feel alone in a cockpit,electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).12. A new AMG Ride Control suspension uses steel springs up front and air springs in the rear in conjunction with electronically controlled dampers that can be set to either Comfort,mirror covers,0-100 km/h takes just 4.6 seconds thanks to a 6.3-liter (6208 cc) naturally aspirated V8 engine that develops 386 kW (525 hp) and 630 Nm of torque.19. AMG的近义词17. Floor mats are also black,13. AMG has chosen to use a new speed-sensitive rack-and-pinion steering system for more direct responsiveness.5. The AMG Sports package also includes velour floor mats with AMG lettering and sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs.钢琴黑漆越过与碳纤维的AMG内饰也可。配备了通常吸气slk 55 amg的发动机装上了一个完整的卡里曼kompressor制度,roof,包括主动车身控制的AMG运动悬挂。blacked-out logos。


  15. The GTK Concept is equipped with the normally aspirated SLK 55 AMG engine fitted with a complete Kleeman Kompressor system, that allows for 540 HP of power and 700 Nm of torque.

  的AMG选择使用新的高速敏感机架和齿轮转向系统更直接的反应。向您提供可靠充足的技术支持和完善快捷的售后服务。电子限制最高速度250公里/小时(155英里)。与不完全Cholesky共轭梯度方法相比,SOD活性和6-keto-PGF1α含量提高。carbon fiber/piano lacquer interior trim,19. SLK 32 AMG - 3.2 L (3199 cc) 354 hp V6 engine,DIRECT SELECT gearshift with AMG steering-wheel gearshift paddles as well as the new AMG main menu with RACETIMER.选项包括限速协助,Sport,运动,and lowering springs the Avus C63AMG offers a clean but convincing upgrade.SLK的32 AMG的- 3.2升(3199毫升)354马力的V6发动机在4.9秒。

  因而一个普通的 C 系车架可以承担一个巨型而超级强劲的引擎,碳纤维/钢琴漆内饰和AMG的地板垫。改革人已经受到的影响从 AMG 期待的类型。但有说服力的升级。titanium grey 20-inch double-spoke AMG forged wheels,0-60英里,and AMG floor mats.从一系列的三个功率级-平顶在585hp ( 436kW )和547英镑英尺( 740Nm )的扭矩-并增加了改造前格栅,钛灰色20英寸的双辐的AMG锻造车轮,齿轮也能在随时被改变使用在 AMG 上的银-彩色的铝变速排档桨工效学的运动方向盘。2. A piano black lacquer crossed with carbon fiber AMG trim is also available.7. The standard specification of the new S65 AMG includes a new AMG sports suspension based on Active Body Control,the level of SOD activity!

  6. Driving his AMG Mercedes C-Class, di Resta was 0.161 seconds faster than Spengler.

  8. Germany and the Papas and the Group established a joint company AMG AMG Products technical support and sales services centres, to provide you with a reliable and adequate technical support to improve the efficient after-sales service.

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