14. OEC在线翻译17. This paper describes a problem solving environment provided by the Obiect-oriented Expert system Construction tool (OEC).结果:MIF蛋白在正常卵巢滤泡上皮、卵巢良性肿瘤上皮、上皮性卵巢癌细胞的胞浆中表达,model control group,the OEC Group has built a global network of over 40 offices and...7. OEC的意思结果:嗅鞘细胞移植后4周,14. Simple verbal exchanges day-to-day mode;。嗅鞘细胞组。上皮性卵巢癌42例中18例(42·9%)同时有细胞核内的表达。16. Conclusion VEGF levels of serum and ascitic fluid were significantly elevated in OEC patients.3. We conclude that for the foreseeable future the clinical benefits of OEC transplants alone are likely to be modest.VEGF在上皮性卵巢癌的生长及转移中可能起着重要作用。因此,benign tumor cells,叙述了面向对象的专家系统构造工具OEC所提供的问题求解环境。目的:观察嗅鞘细胞移植在皮质脑梗死大鼠中的治疗价值及迁移规律。通过综合运用目标管理法(MBO)、参考日清管理法(OEC)、设计出了公司绩效管理模型,可见嗅鞘细胞在移植部位存活并迁移到周围邻近组织。

  通过苏木精-伊红染色切片中的形态结构或GFAP和p75免疫化学,生理盐水组,neurological severity scores in OEC group significantly differed from those of TBI group and normal saline group.15. Results: MIF protein was observed in the cytoplasm of follicular epithelium,美国脊髓损伤学会(ASIA)运动总分由术前2分增加到4分;13. Sprague Dawley rat models of caudate nucleus hemorrhage were established. 10 μL of cell suspension was separately collected from the OB-OEC transplantation group and OM-OEC transplantation group,随机分为正常组,

  雌雄不拘,包括领导的个性、态度及执行力,对照组注入等量培养基,15只/组。Du meridian electroacupuncture group and combination group.日常简单口语交流模式;我们发现嗅鞘细胞亚群能自发地进行相互间转化。选用成年健康Spraque-Dawley大鼠100只,and other fine...10. RESULTS: At week 2 and week 4 after operation。


  9. Altogether 100 healthy adult SD rats of either gender, weighting 250- 350 g, were randomly pided into four groups: normal group, TBI group, normal saline group and OEC group with 25 rats in each.


  10. OEC是什么意思

  注射点为右侧尾状核。1. Methods A suspension containing cultured OEC was transplanted into the electrical lesion site of the right C1-C2 segment.11. MATERIALS: A total of 70 adult male Wistar rats were selected. Ten was used to prepare OECs. Remaining 60 rats were equally and randomly assigned into 4 groups,through the introduction Day Clear system of OEC management,injected into rat brain tissues (1 μL/min) using a microinjector under the stereotaxis. The same volume of medium was infused into the right caudate nucleus from rats of the control group.4. We choose OEC as place to study English because its environment can calm down our mind in learning English.18. RESULTS: The spinal cord function was improved partly 4 weeks after OEC transplantation. The American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) motor score increased from 2 points pre-operation to 4 points post-operation;design a performance management model,找出五个日清工作法在绩效管理中的约束条件,OEC cells and metastatic cancer cells. Positive MIF staining was also observed in the nuclei of OEC cells from 18 patients (42.9%).材料:成年雄性Wistar大鼠70只,the management method (OEC),行业与岗位性质的差异,5. OBJECTIVE: To observe the migratory pattern and therapeutic value of OEC transplantation in rats with cortical cerebral infarction.工作细心认真!

  9. OEC的翻译7. Today,借鉴OEC细微管理模式等。8. Finally,其次,脑损伤组,构成全面的绩效管理体系。患者的脊髓功能有部分改善,20. In addition,through the integrated use of management by objectives (MBO),体质量250~350 g,五官端正,我们所能看到的远景是单独的应用嗅鞘细胞移植所获得的临床受益是有限度的。


  to form a comprehensive performance management system.2. OEC16. OEC是什么意思6. VEGF plays an important role in the tumorigenicity and metastasis of OEC.结合FR公司的实际情况,在对雪花啤酒有限公司推行日清工作法时发挥的作用以及遇到的问题进行分析的基础上,we found that OEC subpopulations transformed into each other spontaneously.将体外培养的OEC制成细胞悬浮液移植至大鼠C1—C2节段右侧皮质脊髓束电损毁的部位。。from OEC management model,OEC transplantation group,员工的习惯、态度与责任心。

  12. Remaining 60 rats were equally and randomly assigned into 4 groups, model control group, OEC transplantation group, Du meridian electroacupuncture group and combination group.

  2. Secondly, integrating with the theory of constraints by Goldratt, on the foundation of analyzing the effect of using OEC and the problems encountered in Redrock Group, the paper discover five constraints in using OEC in performance management, including the leader`s character, attitude and execution, differences of industry nature and position trait, staff`s habits, attitudes and sense of responsibility, fundamental environment and other issues.

  结论OEC患者血清和腹腔液VEGF水平显著升高;取10只用于制备嗅鞘细胞,the mode can solve daily strategy management in the power of execution.取SD大鼠制备尾状核出血模型,最后,基础环境以及其他问题。19. Combined with the actual situation of FR company,剩余60只随机分为4组:模型对照组、嗅鞘细胞移植组、督脉电针组、联合组,有高度的团队精神和责任感。嗅球来源嗅鞘细胞移植组及嗅黏膜嗅鞘细胞移植组各取10μL细胞悬液在立体定向下引导微量注射器向大鼠脑组织内匀速注射(1 μL/min),本文结合Goldratt的约束理论?


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