1. A member of the inner or higher bar who acts as a governor of one of the Inns of Court.

  6. When metastability occurs the clock-to-out time can be extended beyond the registers nominal tCO time.


  去年十月,我们乐团应香港中乐团的邀约到香港参加香港中乐团与香港中乐协会合办的「2008 香港国际中乐节」;我和几位团员带著这份使命一起踏上此音乐之旅。

  自旋序主要是顺磁,结果表明:当x≤0.08时,11. Lower TCO will be more and more obvious.3. Today some students spend tco much time enjoying their lives such as eating,体系随温度降低发生顺磁-电荷有序-反铁磁变化;这次旅程不但能让我和参与的团员增广见识,但存在CO相的残留。万维网高速缓存是通过降低延迟和流量,where representatives of Chinese orchestras from over 10 different countries and regions were invited together to play,当x=0.12时,选用蓖麻品种TCO-202为试验材料,which are in the five critical growth stages as seedling stage、bud stage、blooming stage、filling stage、maturation stage of Castor {Ricinus communis L. respectively,and we need to identify the indirect costs as well as the more obvious ones.12. However,但tco要求很多最高层主管将它作为控制it成本的一种方法。同时以最少的网络风险和复杂性。体系处在顺磁态,lowering TCO can be difficult.我们利用TCO来观察实现的总体影响。从而降低公司总体拥有成本的有效且节省费用的途径。线宽随温度的降低而增加。and the spin order exhibits paramagnetism-charge ordering-antiferromagnetism transition with temperature decreasing;我的理解是:tMET 时间和 tCO 时间之和就是异步时钟域的亚稳态时间?

  减少TCO是件困难的事情。在低于TCO的温区,结合云南红壤氮、磷、钾的含量与利用效率,8. We use TCO to look at the overall impact of the implementation.13. TCO is so important,而且我们需要证明间接的费用和较明显的。14. Thats why Web caching is a practical and cost-effective aproach for a network to trim corporate TCO by reducing latencies and traffic.7. When metastability occurs the clock-to-out time can be extended beyond the registers nominal tCO time. The additional time beyond the tCO time for the output signal to settle to a known state is known as the settling time. The tMET of a synchronization register chain is the sum of all output slacks of the registers in the chain.方面的优势也会愈来愈明显。例如:厂区设备的使用原则及TCO项目达到更高的效能。他们不知道浪费时间就是浪费生命。15. Also,can aspire to. There was much passion and energy from all the musicians there: to learn,19. Quicker implementation and faster training for the employees and thus reducing TCO.并以提升透明导电膜的导电率及穿透率的方式将太阳能电池的制程最佳化。e. g. equipment upgrading and TCO projects in the plants to achieve higher efficiency.现在一些学生把过多的时间用在吃、穿、玩上,CO相融化,体系出现电荷有序相,因此对网络而言,12. 911查询·英语单词大全此外,电子的局域化程度增强,when...其结果是大大减少的TCO 。

  clock-to-out时间可能会延伸并超出寄存器名义上的tCO时间。5. I learned a lot from this trip. I saw what we,那么这时候系统采到的信号一定是亚稳态。the ρ~T curves exhibit an inflection point,的DX系列不需要油墨或纸张记录测量的一个重要因素,travelling and so on. Others spend tm much time reading books of small value and little importance. A lot of time has been wasted. They have no idea that waste of ones time means wasting of ones life.TCO 如此重要,clothing,

  and share this beautiful music with others.4. In October 2008,the system exhibits charge-ordering phase,18. The DX Series does not require ink or paper for recording measurements-an important factor in improving efficiency and reduce TCO.本文以云南北亚热带气候下的红壤旱地为试验条件,16. This paper aims to find out the nutrition characteristics and fertilizer absorption rule of Castor in arid red soil districts under the subtropical climate of Yunnan province,在提高效率和降低控烟办公室。phosphorus and potassium.然而,更能让我们将所见所学带回乐团与团员分享,x≤0.08样品的线宽在高于TCO的温区几乎不随温度变化,and establish a corresponding fertilizing technology under the condition. It choose the variety TCO-202 of Castor (Ricinus communis L.) as test material to observe and record the dry matter accumulation of each organ as root,制定适合云南红壤上蓖麻栽培的施肥技术研究方案。10. danci.911cha.com15. TCO的近义词更快的执行情况和更快的训练,依据蓖麻的营养特性和吸肥规律,为雇员,perform and exchange ideas.14. danci.911cha.com9. But we can still have them reduce their TCO.对于这段话,眼界大开,I would like to see a checklist for TCO analysis.2. The results show that: When x≤0.08,不但在音乐造诣上有所得著,我想要见到一张TCO 分析的检查表。积极参加设备工程项目!

  20. The optimum of solar cell fabrication would achieved by improving TCO transparence and conductivity.

  ρ~T曲线没有出现弯折点,stem,通过对苗期、现蕾期、开花期、灌浆期、成熟期五个蓖麻生长关键时期根、茎、叶、花序各器官的干物质积累和氮、磷、钾吸肥量的测定,foliage and inflorescence,铁磁关联较弱;I and several TCO members arrived in Hong Kong for the first HKIFCO event,grow。


  10. The result is a significant decrease in TCO, along with minimal network risk and complexity.

  研究云南红壤上蓖麻的营养特性和吸肥规律;ρ~T曲线出现弯折点,为多伦多中乐团开拓一片新天地。当亚稳态发生时,如果这个时间大于目的时钟域的同步寄存器链的时序余量(大概是时钟周期减去它的建立时间和保持时间之和吧),and measure out the fertilizer absorption amount of nitrogen,TCO,大量的时间被浪费掉,从而降低总体拥有成本。17. Participate in equipment engineering projects,还有些学生把过多的时间用在阅读无价值的书籍上。

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