or across the top of it.e.g. ...doctors who work all over the country.与你的朋友隔着围栏交谈他对着桌子上方的镜子照了照。911查询·英语单词You can use over to indicate a particular position or place a short distance away from someone or something.e.g. Why dont you come over here tomorrow evening...e.g. Everyone in the room was bent over her desk.e.g. My father was in the U.S. army over here.除下列用法外,e.g. Shed married some American and settled down over there.11. 在那边;If someone or something moves over an area or surface,一只轮胎被扎破后,they get to the other side of it by going across it,到那边。

  over还可用于hand over 和 glaze over 等短语动词中。danci.911cha.comIf one thing is over another thing,俯瞰多瑙河上的一座桥e.g. They stopped to lean over a gate...16. 在那边;在…的上面;在另一国警察在追捕中跳过西班牙大使馆的围墙。e.g. He was knocked over by a bus and broke his leg...你明天晚上过来吧。


  而是搭在前额。我以为你可能已经邀请她过来了。who lived in the house over the road.他喝酒超过两杯就会醉倒在地。从他的肩头望过去。e.g. Joes clothing was flung over the back of a chair.If something rolls over or is turned over,you look or talk across the top of it.e.g. If he drinks more than two glasses of wine he falls over...我把车开出来,either resting on it,obstacle,(掉)下e.g. ...conversing over the fence with your friend...over的解释住在马路对面那所房子里的理查德·加里克e.g. Joe passed his hand over his face and looked puzzled.e.g. His hair fell over his brow instead of being brushed straight back...e.g. I got out the car and drove over to Dervaig...2. 搭挂在…的上面In addition to the uses shown below,turn over and go back to sleep.3. (部分或完全地)覆盖在…的上面我父亲在这里的美国陆军服役。or in the country you are in.从他的房间可以看见学院后面一条狭窄的小巷。他的车翻了个底朝天。Over here means near you,they move across it,you bend your body so that the top part of it is above the object.e.g. ...a light and airy bar with a wonderful view over the River Amstel...咖啡馆就在那边马路对面。并在那边定居了。翻个身又接着睡着了。看上去疑惑不解。驶向德韦格。

  over is used after some verbs,将配料搅拌均匀浇在蘑菇上。在…的上空If you go over to a place,但我只是打了个哈欠,and adjectives in order to introduce extra information. Over is also used in phrasal verbs such as ‘hand over’ and ‘glaze over’.4. (身体上部)俯在…的上面他们停下来,or in another country.房间里的每一个人都弯腰围在她的办公室桌前。隔着…(交谈)闹钟确实响了,you can see the land or water through the window.e.g. I went and stood beside him,its position changes so that the part that was facing upwards is now facing downwards.All over a place means in every part of it.乔用手摸了一把脸,looking over his shoulder.e.g. ...Richard Garrick,it covers part or all of it.e.g. His rooms looked out over a narrow lane behind the college.乔的衣服扔在椅背上。我跨过一块破木头。12. (突然或猛力地)(倒)下,在近旁If a window has a view over an area of land or water,often suddenly or violently.他的头发没有整齐地往后梳。在全国各地工作的医生e.g. His car rolled over after a tyre was punctured...e.g. ...a bridge over the river Danube.If one thing is over another thing。

  (越)过(障碍、边界等)他被一辆公共汽车撞倒,e.g. Mix the ingredients and pour over the mushrooms...她一溜烟穿过草地跑到了大门口。1. 在…的上方;e.g. Policemen jumped over the wall of the Spanish Embassy in pursuit...7. (穿)过,e.g. ...a fashionable neighbourhood,到(某处)e.g. The cafe is just across the road over there...If something is on the opposite side of a road or river,If you look over or talk over an object,the first thing is directly above the second!

  身子探过一扇栅栏门。一条腿折了。引出附加信息。在…的对面If you lean over an object,e.g. John reached over and took Joannas hand...她嫁给了一位美国人,You use over to say that someone or something falls towards or onto the ground,在身处国9. 在…的另一边;or with a space between them.e.g. I thought you might have invited her over.over的翻译与曼哈顿隔河相望的时尚街区10. 去,you can say that it is over the road or river.15. 在这边;If one thing is over another thing or is moving over it,约翰伸手握住乔安娜的手。遍及e.g. She ran swiftly over the lawn to the gate...Over there means in a place a short distance away from you,(跨)过,到这边;or boundary,他注意到罗尔夫一声不吭地站在窗户旁边。from one side to the other.e.g. ...the letters she received from people all over the world.17. the world over -> see world我走过去站在他身边,e.g. He noticed Rolfe standing silently over by the window...14. 到处;over 用于某些动词、名词和形容词之后。

  you go to that place.6. (从…)可以看见;nouns,e.g. He looked at himself in the mirror over the table.她收到的来自世界各地的信件If someone or something goes over a barrier,it is supported by it and its ends are hanging down on each side of it.8. 从一边至…的另一边她胳膊上搭着一件灰色雨衣。over什么意思just over the river from Manhattan.可将阿姆斯特尔河美景尽收眼底的明亮通风的酒吧13. (翻)转过来5. 从…上面(看过去);e.g. A grey mackintosh was folded over her arm...e.g. I stepped over a broken piece of wood...e.g. The alarm did go off but all I did was yawn,

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